Standard Features

Quick setup

Enter your menu and start serving your customers!

Works on iPad

Take orders with an iPad straight from the table!

Easy to use

It's a POS not a rocket science!

Visual Table Management

Visual table layout gives you quick overview what's going on in your restaurant. Food orders are arranged by seats making sure that customers gets what they ordered. This also makes splitting bills super-simple.

Flexible Modifiers

Modifiers allows you to fine-tune your orders. Mandatory modifiers like side dishes pop up automatically when ordering. Optional modifiers keeps your clients happy by making sure that their special wishes reach kitchen.

Simple Bill Splitting

Super-simple bill splitting mechanism allows your client's to pay however they want.

Food Recipes

Enter ingredients for each dish to track item costs and inventory levels.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and track stock levels so you never run out stock during rush hour again.


Our accounting module takes care of your accounting needs. Speed POS integrates with QuickBooks and Margn accounting platforms.


If you are operating your business in multiple location or plan to expand your business then you have found the right solution.

Online Reports

With real-time web based reports you can see how your business is doing from anywhere at anytime.

Powerful API

Develop custom features or connect Speed POS with other software.


Speed POS integrates with well known e-Commerce platforms Magento, Prestashop and Shopify.

Open Tabs

Let your customers run open tabs in your bar or pub.

Credit Card and Paypal payments

PCI compliant credit or debit card payments with Visa, Mastercard etc. PayPal also supported.

Employee Clock-In/Out

Keep track of your employees working time.

Customer Loyalty

Make your customers happy with our loyalty programs and CRM.

Premium Features

Offline Mode

Keeps system running without internet connection.

Call Centre

Call centre application to place home delivery, take-away and table booking orders.

Take-Away and Home Delivery

Schedule and keep track of take-away and home delivery orders.

Table Booking

Real time online booking to make table reservations and pre-order food.

Visual Table Management

Table management With Speed POS you can setup your rooms and tables in visual layout that reflects real table arrangement in your restaurant. This way you and your staff always have overview what is going on in your restaurant, where to take orders etc. You can create any number of rooms and map of tables in each of those rooms. Wait staff can match each item in food order to exact seat in the table. This makes sure that each of your customers receives exactly what they have ordered. It also helps to split up the bill in payment stage as you only have to select the seats you want to pay for.

Flexible Modifiers

Manage modifiers Modifiers help you to fine-tune your orders. You can setup mandatory and optional modifiers. Mandatory modifiers will automatically pop up when food item is added to the bill. They are useful for selecting side dishes, meat cooking temperature etc. Optional modifiers on the other hand let you define extras for the dish. For example they can be used to order extra cheese with pizza, notify kitchen if a customer doesn’t like garlic, order the chef to add less salt to particular dish etc. You can set prices for all modifiers. Modifier usage will change warehouse stock levels and show up in reports.

Kitchen Printing

Kitchen printer Speed POS allows you set up any number of kitchen and bar printers. You can have separate printers for main kitchen, grill kitchen, pizza kitchen, juice bar etc. You can assign a separate printer for each food category. Food items are sent to corresponding kitchen or bar printer on ordering. Additional kitchen tickets will be printed when adding new items to the bill or changing amount of food items that are already on the bill. Only changed amount will be printed for additional orders. Negative amounts with strike-through font will be printed for deducted or cancelled items so your kitchen staff can quickly respond to changes.

Simplicity and Speed

Speed POS is built by analyzing how restaurant staff works in real life. We have optimized number of clicks that have to be made for most frequent operations so your staff can interact more with customers and spend less time behind the register. User interface is simple and easy to use so anyone who can use an iPad or computer should pick it up very quickly without any special training.