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Send receipt by e-mail

Kuidas päästa metsi ja võita püsikliente?

Kas sa teadsid, et igal aastal raiutakse maailmas 20 millionit puud ainuüksi selleks, et trükkida paberist ostutšekke. Speed POS kassa võimaldab saata ostutšeki või arve kliendile e-mailiga. Sinu kliendid on rõõmuga nõus jagama oma e-maili, et säästa paberit. Win-win olukord, sest lisaks metsade päästmisele võidad ka püsikliendi!

Proovi Speed POS kassat ja muuda maailm paremaks!

Speed POS for iPad on App Store

Speed POS iPad rakendus nüüd saadaval

We are glad to announce that Speed POS iPad App is now available on Apple App Store. You can download it from following link:

This improvement means that you can now use receipt and kitchen printing on iPad. So far printing was only available on Windows platform. The iPad app supports Star Micronics bluetooth and ethernet (LAN) printers. You can also use any Apple AirPrint compatible printer or any Windows compatible printer if you happen to have one Windows registers in your restaurant. We also added Print Proxy solution for all platforms. This means that if you have printer connection configured on one Speed POS register then other registers can use the first one as a Print Proxy to print through that printer. For example you can use iPads for table service and print through main register (iPad or Windows) at the bar desk. Also all Windows compatible printers (e.g. Epson) are now instantly available to iPads and other devices (Android etc). Write to us if you need help on more complex use scenarios. New Speed POS version also brings some new features, speed improvements and bug fixes. You can create named open tabs in addition to table service. Add logos to receipts. Better client display and cash drawer configuration. And much more. Sign up for the free trial and try it out!